Designer incorporates radiant floor heating in actor's home

Tue, 02/26/2013 - 13:03

Actor Jason Bateman and his wife, actress Amanda Anka, recently purchased a home. The Los Angeles Times reports that the house is located in the Beverly Crest area and was previously the estate of Ernest Borgnine.
The property is a gated English-styled mansion with a compound that sits on a half acre of land. For $3 million, the new homeowners will have the use of 6,148 square feet of living space that includes a formal entry hall, grand staircase, paneled library, an office, den, six bedrooms and seven bedrooms. Also on the property is a guesthouse and a swimming pool, according to the news source. 
Luxury homes are often outfitted with the latest and greatest in utility options that also provide optimal comfort. The new Bateman and Anka home has had a considerable number of green features included in the design thanks to an interior designer and a team of construction professionals. The Times reports that the house features a photovoltaic solar system that includes a battery backup, skylights, bamboo closets, recycled denim and organic cotton insulation and a roof garden. In addition, it also includes a water reclamation system and recycled glass terrazzo floors that have radiant floor heating installed underneath. 
Radiant floor heating allows the California home to remain comfortably temperature controlled, regardless of what time of year it is. Often, like many areas, southern California's temperature will plunge at night, which could leave a homeowner shivering and waking up in the middle of the night if the heating system isn't smart controlled to adjust throughout the day. Radiant floor heating when combined with a smart thermostat can provide exceptional temperature control that is very effectively managed.