Customize your log cabin home with radiant floor heating

Wed, 07/17/2013 - 15:51

There's are certain romantic notions associated with log cabin homes. The iconic image of great red woods or pines thatched together to create a house in the forest has been apart of American culture for a hundreds of years. The log cabin home fell out of popularity for a few decades, but it is once again romancing potential homebuyers. The rustic design of a log cabin doesn't mean a homeowner has to rough it anymore. There are a number of high-quality finishes and modern design aspects that can be included in a log cabin home. 
Radiant floor heating
Regardless of whether a homeowner's log cabin home is in New England or the North West portion of the United States, a radiant floor heating system can help boost comfort and decrease operational expenses. The heating utility option lays underneath the floors to slowly fill a space with warmth. The consistent and even delivery of warmth allows every space to be a comfortable temperature - decreasing the presence of cold or warm spots that often develop with traditional systems like vents or baseboard units. 
High-R-value insulation & windows
A log cabin is not as energy inefficient as many might think. By using the right combination of materials, this type of structure can be just as sustainable as others. Use a high R-value insulation to help further reduce heat loss. To ensure that high level of insulation isn't going to waste, make sure to install windows that are rated similarly. By using high-quality materials, a log cabin home can sustain itself as an energy-efficient property and help limit a homeowner's operational costs.