CSU lab to feature energy efficient technology

Wed, 02/13/2013 - 11:56

Universities tend to remain ahead of the curve in terms of adopting energy efficient technology, a notion that is especially true for school departments that focus on sustainability and resource development. According to Metropolis Magazine, the development of the new Powerhouse Energy Institute at Colorado State University is expected to be a significant achievement in terms of energy efficiency. Since the building is being designed to use the old space from the former Fort Collins power plant, it serves as both a practical and symbolic upgrade of energy resources for the school. Because of the use of energy efficient technology like radiant heating, a cooling system, co-generative heat and power and a state-of-the-art caisson foundation, there will be an expected energy reduction of 48 percent  for the new building. According to the news outlet, other technologies like LED lighting, highly insulating fiberglass window frames and evaporative cooling towers will add to the efficiency framework for the facility. 
 The building will serve as a testing ground for many of these technologies, giving students and researchers a chance to monitor how much energy is saved by the incorporation of sustainable features.  Departments from all over the CSU system will take part in the monitoring of the project, and students will learn the benefits of efficient technology and the potential practical application of products like radiant heating systems.  Radiant heating systems allow an organization to cut their carbon emissions while also helping to reduce energy costs for this entity. Because of this dual benefit, many businesses are adopting this technology to help improve their public image and add to their bottom line. Along with the cost and efficiency benefits, the added level of comfort that the technology is responsible for helps to make for a more pleasant environment in which to work.