Contractors earn Delaware's Green Building Award

Tue, 01/08/2013 - 15:26

The builders that constructed the Safe Haven No-Kill Animal Sanctuary in Georgetown, Delaware, have received the American Builders & Contractors 2012 Delaware "Green" Building Award.

Delaware Wave News reports that the award is intended to recognize the contractors who made the inclusion of sustainable technologies in the design of the building a priority.

"Building a facility that is good for the environment and provides lower operational costs for the owner gives you a lot of satisfaction," said Dean Johnson, vice president of RYJ & Son, according to the news source. "Especially when the facility provides a service to the community for saving animals."
To best ensure that the goals of the organization were met, builders combined efforts to brainstorm the green-energy solutions that would best promote sustainability.
"We have a lot of innovative technology to save on utilities and help the environment for the people and animals involved," Anne Gryczon, executive director of Safe Haven, told the news source. "It’s much healthier with fewer chemicals or artificial materials compared to old-fashioned building technology."
The animal shelter and builders determined that radiant floor heating was the ideal technology to warm the structure. The gentle warmth radiating through the floors would keep the compound comfortable for both animals and humans. Larger animals, like dogs, will find the heat radiating from the floor comfortable during cool weather and it could help older creatures who are suffering from arthritis of cramped joints.
In addition, the heating technology allows the facility to reduce the portion of its operational budget associated with utilities. By decreasing energy costs, the animal shelter may be able to dedicate more funds to caring for animals and decreasing costs associated with adoption.