Condo project revitalized with upgrades

Tue, 07/09/2013 - 17:58

A brick building located in New York City is getting a second lease on life. The New York Times reported that the structure at 290 Mulberry Street at East Houston Street was previously a condo that featured prevalent water leaks, wrecked boilers and damaged stucco - even the copper pipes were missing after a break in. 
However, now this previously dilapidated building has gotten a makeover and is filled with beautiful apartments. According to the news source, the 12-story structure contains 9 units - all of which include three bedrooms. 
"There's never been a lot of new developments in New York at that size, and there's a huge demand for them," said Lucie Holt, an agent with Town Residential, which is handling the marketing, according to the news source. 
The units are expected to go fast, but not just because of their size. Each apartment has been outfitted with a personal radiant floor heating system. The utility option was selected for the building because it would allow the units to showcase the greatest amount of room. A radiant floor heating system does not consume extra space and reduce the square footage of a unit. 
In addition to allowing the apartments to remain as open as possible, which is especially attractive in a cramped city like New York, the utility option also helps increase the sustainability of the structure. More and more renters are interested in reducing the carbon footprint of their lifestyle and this will help. A radiant floor heating system helps a homeowner reduce the amount of energy he or she is consuming to heat a space because the utility option requires less energy to keep a space a consistent temperature.