Coastal hospitality destination features radiant floor heating

Thu, 08/29/2013 - 22:45

Hospitality destinations are increasingly investing in the technologies and materials that boost energy efficiency and improve comfort. Hotel News Resource reported that this trend is being seen across the world and especially at one resort along the coast of Oregon in Port Orford. The resort Coastal Forest features eco-luxurious wildsprings that guests can inhabit to get the complete rest and relaxation package.
According to the news source, the resort, which has been open for almost nine years, was built with sustainability in mind. Everything possible to minimize the environmental impact of the five cabin suites was done - to such an extent that only two trees were removed from the property during construction. 
"We wanted to create a natural environment with luxurious accommodations," owner Michelle Duarte told the news source. "Our design concept intended that everything guests see or touch be made of natural materials. The quality of the air here is amazing. Everything we use is scent free." 
To improve the comfort a guest would experience in the suites, radiant floor heating was installed. This eco-friendly technology not only provides consistent levels of heat throughout the entire structure, but it also uses less energy than traditional warmth delivery systems to complete this task. By reducing heat loss and using a more effective delivery system, radiant floor heating is able to save the company money on heating each month - without sacrificing the quality of the comfort experienced at the hospitality suite. For guests this is crucial, more and more people are interested in reducing our environmental impact, but that's not their primary concern when staying at a hospitality destination. Comfort is key, and when combined with environmental conscious decisions a hospitality destination has a marketable product consumers will want to buy.