Christian youth group renovates homes for energy efficiency

Wed, 12/05/2012 - 09:04

A youth group in Elma, New York, has dedicated its efforts to renovating a home for a community member. Metro WNY reports that Norm Reformat had spent years renovating his property, but upon getting sick and entering the Erie County Medical Center for a kidney and pancreas transplant, he was no longer able to living in his home in its current condition.

The Christian Youth Corps (CYC) of Delevan stepped in and started "Operation Storm Norm," which is dedicated to rebuilding the house so that Reformat may return home to recover in peace.

"There's no basement, so we have had to go right down to the dirt, in some places, and pour a new foundation, in others," Pete Andrews, a CYC leader, told the news source. "We've installed all new drywall, new beams, wiring, radiant floor heating, a new boiler system, new hot water tank, a new bathroom upstairs, tiling, flooring, walls [and] a new kitchen."

The group counted on donations from local groups, work from regional contractors and the efforts of all members to renovate the home so that Reformat could return. Energy efficient technology like radiant floor heating was used so that Norm Reformat's respiratory system would remain healthy. Unlike traditional heating options like forced hot air, radiant heating does not circulate heat and potential allergens, dust and bacteria around a house.

"We utilized our network of contractors and suppliers, in Western New York and a lot of people got on board. We’ve built up a network of people who can help out and met a lot of new contractors and new friends who can now team up with us, in the future," Andrews said, according to the news source.