Canadian home uses modern technology to maximize on efficiency, cost-reductions

Mon, 09/10/2012 - 14:56

A new home in The Blue Mountains, Ontario, is on the market, and since Canadian families are increasingly looking to houses complete with green technology, it will likely be acquired by an energy-conscious individual.
The home was built with an adherence to the latest advances in green and sustainable architecture and technology, as the residence has a geothermal energy sources that powers its radiant heating system and efficient air conditioning setup.
The combination of the efficient technology helps to lower costs and reduce consumption levels for homeowners, and the results have been seen time and time again across Canada. According to the National Post, the home is part of a growing trend in the country, as people are looking to add value to their residence while also minimizing costs.
The effectiveness of the installation of the green and sustainable products is also especially important to these individuals, and quality craftsmanship is expected by many families.
"Quality craftsmanship, attention to detail, a private location backing on to a no-build-zone and stunning interior finishes" are among the highlights of this Summit View property, listing agent Sherry Rioux told the news outlet.
Homes that have a geothermal energy source need to have a heating system that gets the most out of this technology. This is where a radiant heating system can truly add value to a property, as it maximizes the efficiency of the whole system.
The type of radiant heating system is also important, as products like those available from Warmboard are able to deliver heat in a manner that requires less energy expenditure. This is because the product is made of highly conductive material and incorporates the best of what the industry has to offer.