California prefab home demonstrates green sensibility

Wed, 10/24/2012 - 09:26

A recent example of efficient home construction practices has now gone green. The Mother Nature Network reports that Blu Homes has constructed the 2012 Sunset Idea House. The property is configured to fit in a narrow suburban lot, while still providing approximately 2,600 feet of living space to a homeowner.

The house was designed as an example of the evolving use of green technology in prefab construction units. The four bedroom factory-built house features large windows to bring the outside in and make rooms feel more spacious. Three full baths, built-in-cabinetry, a private balcony and optional fireplace are also included in the property. To increase the energy efficiency of the unit, the architects used high R-value walls, radiant heating and light emitting diodes.
"We listened to the thousands of customers who have toured our homes, participated in our webinars and visited the Breezehouse we built with 'Sunset' magazine, and our updated version of the celebrated Sidebreeze incorporates dozen of changes they recommended. We preserved the high ceilings and sun-filled open spaces that mark the Breezehouse, while building a spacious home that highlights the best of California design sensibility," Blu Homes creative director Karl Daubmann told the news source.

Real estate development companies are building the latest evolution of modern housing as more Americans look toward incorporating green technology in their homes. According to Eco Home Magazine, the construction industry is seeing an uptick in sustainable home design. Consequently, architects and contractors in the new construction and remodeling industries are getting orders from homeowners to include energy efficient solutions such as radiant heating in their designs.

The highly conductive aluminum material used for paneling by Warmboard allows for a reduction in energy use, and a decrease in utility costs. Radiant heating is an ideal technology in a prefab home because it allows a property owner to not forgo style for energy efficiency.