California luxury home outfitted with energy efficient technologies

Wed, 01/16/2013 - 07:03

A manse of epic proportions has recently been placedon the MLS listings in Fremont, California. The San Francisco Chronicle reports that with a driveway being measured at a quarter of a mile long, this property exudes luxury.

In an effort to reduce the carbon footprint associated with the property, the architects in charge of its construction and subsequent remodeling projects have incorporated a number of green features. According to the news source, the home has been outfitted with radiant floor heating, digital thermostats and high R-value windows.

In addition, the radiant floor heating system has been divided into eight different systems localized to individual spaces and wings of the home. That divide will allow a homeowner to turn off or reduce heat being sent to unused portions of the residence.

The propertyis an ideal place for those who wish to escape the bustle of the everyday world. For $4.88 million a potential homebuyer could purchase the homeand experience the luxury and eco-friendly features.

"It's tranquil and pristine," Joe Schembri of Coldwell Banker, who is listing the Fremont home, told the news source. "It offers a respite from the hectic outside world. People are fighting traffic all day and when they come home they want a sanctuary."

The San Francisco Chronicle reports that the home combines the pleasant amenities of living near the city, while still providing a natural setting.

"There are panoramic views and you get amazing sunsets," Schembri told the news source. "It's a place where nature is appreciated and it's rare to find a place in the Bay Area where you can have horses and still be close to jobs."