Buffalo solar and green home tour to tout energy efficient benefits

Mon, 10/08/2012 - 14:21

The use of green technology in the commercial and residential real estate markets is increasing around North America, especially as people in colder climates are preparing their homes for the cold winter months that are right around the corner.
Products like radiant heating systems are especially popular in these areas, as the technology helps to cut costs while also providing a family with a more comfortable residence during these months.
The use of radiant heating systems is likely to increase as people become more and more aware of the benefits of the technology, especially in these colder climates. Since the efficient design of the product limits the long-term heating costs for a family, people are able to enjoy constant warmth at home without worrying about spiking electric or gas bills.
Since a Warmboard radiant heating system can be zoned, the product helps to maximize on the efficiency of the technology, limiting costs and allowing homeowners to have more control over the management of their residence.
This is the type of product that was shown off at the annual Solar & Green Building Tour in Buffalo, New York, as residents of the area were given a guided look into homes that effectively used products that help limit energy expenditures and costs.
According to Buffalo Rising, the annual tour highlighted the efficient use of green products and technology in upstate New York. Solar installations, radiant heat and efficient materials were all showcased, and owners explained how the various fixtures affected the residence.
The news outlet reported that at each home, visitors were given statistical information on the cost of the products, and then this number was put next to the long-term savings that have already been achieved.