Brooklyn apartments are gaining attention

Mon, 02/11/2013 - 14:51

A vibrant community in New York City has recently been named the priciest neighborhood in Brooklyn. Patch reports the wake of that title, one brownstone neighborhood complex is gaining increasing attention. 
The Boerum Hill Apartments have a medium sales price of $950,000, according to the news source. However, it isn't just the price tag of these properties that are attracting potential buyers. Many of these homes include a wide range of high-quality features and unique characteristics. 
Brownstones in this Brooklyn neighborhood are getting renovated to include a number of eco-friendly technologies and materials. For example, radiant floor heating is gaining in popularity because it uses less energy than more traditional heating utility options like forced hot air or base board heating. 
The news source reports that one Boreum Hill brownstone renovation combines the environmentally friendly technology with nature. The unit, owned by Lauren Stern, has a garden-floor room that has radiant floor heating that will installed under black and white cement tiles.
Whether an individual is looking to buy a house or already is a homeowner, they may want to consider the merits of radiant floor heating. The energy efficient utility solution is making property owners happy. The investment can help reduce energy expenses and can reduce the carbon footprint associated with the property. 
Often, property owners will install the heating solution in key areas of the home to maximize the comfort they will feel as a result of the feature. The most popular rooms include the master bedroom, the master bathroom and the kitchen. These spaces encompass the areas that homeowners spend a considerable amount of time in.