Breaking Bad star incorporates radiant floor heating in new home

Tue, 07/16/2013 - 18:46

The pursuit of going green is on everyone's mind right now. Just ask "Breaking Bad" star Bryan Cranston who recently finished the construction of his new home. Variety Magazine reported that the actor has always had a dedication to sustainability. 
According to Dwell.com, a renovation and construction website, Cranston and his wife Robin Dearden had lived in the property for three years before finding out the 1940s home had structural problems. The cost of rebuilding and renovating would have been extreme, so the two decided building a new, eco-friendly property would be the ideal solution. Cranston and Dearden worked together with construction experts to build a home that is sustainable and meets their needs.
"I designed the home, and brought in architectural designer John Turturro," Cranston told the news source. "He and I have challenged each other to turn the house into what it has become. We have photovoltaic solar panels, water heating panels, radiant heat in the floors, and we use old-fashioned fans. We combine modern technology with some old, tried and true methods for retaining heat and cooling down."
The combination of eco-friendly technologies allows the homeowners to reduce operational expenses and decrease the carbon footprint associated with the property. Radiant floor heating is an ideal utility option because it can run off both traditional energies and renewables. In addition, it promotes a healthy living environment by decreasing the spread of fine particulate matter and common air pollutants. 
"I think there's a misconception among the general public that, to live eco-friendly, you have to sacrifice — you have outdoor plumbing, you're living on burlap, nothing is comfortable," he told the news source. "But that's not the truth. We show how you can combine comfort, elegance and living responsibly without sacrifice."