Monterey Bay Area Green Business Program

Wed, 10/15/2008 - 15:51

Warmboard is pleased to be a Certified Green Business through the Monterey Bay Area Green Business Program.

A certified green business has voluntarily gone above and beyond regulatory requirements to prevent pollution and conserve resources by:
• reducing water consumption
• retrofitting lights and other equipment to conserve energy
• reducing solid waste going to landfill by minimizing waste and recycling
• implementing practices that reduce pollution and protect worker safety

Warmboard President, Tony Gasparich, said “Warmboard is proud to be part of the Green Business Program, and this relationship furthers our drive toward sustainable business practices. Warmboard respects the need to consider our future impact in all that we do, and we practice this day to day by offering our low energy heating solution, responsibly managing the resources needed to run our business, and even simply riding bikes to work!

The Monterey Bay Area Green Business Program is a successful partnership of environmental agencies, utilities and nonprofit organizations that assist, recognize and promote businesses and government agencies that volunteer to operate in a more environmentally responsible way. To be certified "green," participants must be in compliance with all regulations and meet program standards for conserving resources, preventing pollution and minimizing waste. We offer motivated businesses and agencies an easy-to-use framework for improving environmental performance.

To learn more go to: http://www.montereybaygreenbusiness.org/

Monterey Bay Area Green Business Program Pledge PDF