Alternative heating options provide considerable benefits

Wed, 07/24/2013 - 13:33

It may still be summer, but homeowners may want to consider how they can prepare for winter's chill. Energy prices continue to increase year after year - leaving many homeowners struggling to keep to a budget. By investing in a few key sustainable technology options, a homeowner may be able to increase the value of his or her home and decrease the heating bill this upcoming winter. Here are three energy-efficient heating technologies to consider:
1) Radiant floor heating. Homeowners who dislike paying high heating bills may also hate the feeling of cold floors beneath the toes. A radiant floor heating system will provide warmth for the entire house, but the heat will be produced and delivered from underneath the floorboards - allowing heating to rise and keep the body warm. Traditional heat delivery systems use vents, baseboards and radiators and they spurt out heat in an inconsistent manner. A radiant floor heating system allows warmth to gently flow through the floor boards for exceptional coverage, and it decreases the chance for heat loss.
2) High R-value insulation. Keep a home warm throughout the winter months more efficiently by installing high R-value insulation throughout the property. It is not uncommon to find that insulation levels in the ceilings, attic or basement are less that those in the main levels of a house. Increase the sustainability of a home by filling these areas with the right form of insulation that has a high efficiency rating. 
3) Triple-pane windows. Don't let the heat escape a home right through a window. Improve the energy efficiency of a radiant floor heating system with the help of triple-pane windows. Less heat will escape a home, which means the heating unit will have to burn through less oil or natural gas.