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Tue, 03/19/2013 - 22:19

In this series installment we hear from Scott Landry, principal of studio 101 designs, an architecture firm in San Rafael, CA.

“We have found Warmboard's radiant heating subfloor to be a great solution for our clients. It's silent, worry-free, and comfortable. Clients tell us it's wonderful to feel comfortable in their houses without having to even think about climate control - there's no need for ducts and vents, blowing noisy air into the space; no need to worry about maintaining and cleaning a central air system, replacing filters, keeping the air 'balanced'...our clients give Warmboard rave reviews

One thing we emphasize in our work is sustainability, and we think Warmboard radiant heating fits that emphasis. The amount of energy put into making a home comfortable with Warmboard is less than that used by a conventional air system. We have even experimented with newer high-velocity mini-duct systems, but we feel these still don't compare to the efficiency and simplicity of Warmboard. Because of this, we have used it for an exhibition 'smart' home located at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago, and for a LEED-rated home. The subfloor does double duty as structure and heat source, so Warmboard is both energy- and resource-efficient.

As a firm that also designs modern prefab modular homes, we appreciate that the Warmboard product and process are modular-friendly - our factory partners who construct our designs have had no issues with installing the subfloor product and the associated tubing and equipment, and we as designers love the fact that Warmboard's staff provide coordinated design drawings that made life easier for us.”

Studio 101 Designs holds the view that the places we live should be useful and functional, beautiful, and durable. Our strategy is to work closely with clients and builders (on site and at the factory, as the case may be) to design efficient, simple spaces that accommodate multiple uses wherever possible, using materials, methods, and forms that minimize life cycle cost. Overall, at Studio 101 Designs, our philosophy is: do more with less.

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