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Mon, 08/06/2012 - 10:30

We’ve starting a new series on our blog where we let Contractors, Architects and Homeowners explain, in their words, why Warmboard works for them. If you have some experience with Warmboard and would like to be featured, send over a request.

Our first post comes from Desmond Greaves, owner of DG Custom Built Homes & Remodeling, LLC. in Bay Shore, New York:

“DG Custom Built Homes & Remodeling recommends Warmboard as our first choice for radiant heat. Installed properly, radiant heat only uses energy when and where it’s needed. We like to zone each room individually; which saves money and eliminates having cool and hot spots develop as each part of the home heats and cools differently throughout the day. Warmboard goes in during framing and acts as a subfloor so there are no additional steps needed as with other products. Warmboard has a great support system from design to installation. The design team takes all the guesswork out of material to purchase and layout in the field. In addition to providing with a complete material list, their local rep stops by our job sites to ensure the installation is going smoothly.

As the owner of DG Custom Built Homes and Remodeling, I personally have built my home using Warmboard as the only source of heat. My home never feels cold or overheated. I spend 1/3 of what I used to spend on my previous home which was much smaller.Warmboard would be my first choice every time.”

DG Custom Builders has been serving the residents of Nassau and Suffolk counties and New York City since 1996. They pride themselves on quality, safety and creating a clean and comfortable environment while working on your project.

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