Warmboard makes the most energy-efficient and responsive radiant heating panels in the industry. We are the preferred radiant solution of architects, contractors, flooring professionals, green advocates and homeowners.

Alternative Heat Sources and Radiant Heat

Curious about using alternative heat sources with radiant heat, Look no further. There are a number of innovative means of heating water, from ground source heat pumps and geothermal to solar and fuel cell cogeneration, etc. All of these methods are highly efficient, but they are more

Overshoot and Radiant Heating

Feeling the wrong temperature and the wrong time of the day from your radiant system? It's called "overshoot"

Maximize the efficiency of your Condensing Boiler

Most modern, high-efficiency boilers are called “condensing boilers” because when they operate below 140ºF (60ºC). The water vapor in the flue gases condense into water droplets on the heat exchanger, allowing it to extract the maximum amount of energy from every unit of fuel. Because Warmboard systems typically operate well below 140ºF, generally in the 80º-110ºF range, they can increase the efficiency of these boilers by up to 8% when compared more

Conductivity: The Essential Component of a Radiant Heating System

It is a principle of thermodynamics that as conductivity goes up, water temperature can go down – and it is always less expensive to heat water to a low temperature than a high one. It is well accepted in the boiler industry that for every 3º that you lower the water temperature, you save 1% of the heating cost. Our water temperatures can be 60 degrees lower than some of the radiant products and yet still produce the more

Thermostats and Radiant Heat

The energy-saving features of modern thermostats often don't work with radiant heat. But they do with Warmboard.

Low air temperatures with radiant heat? Learn how it works

On a sunny spring day you can feel comfortable outside in a t-shirt and shorts even if the air temperature is only 60ºF (15ºC). This is because we are feeling the radiant warmth of the sun. This radiant heat allows us to be more

Zoning – The Ultimate in Comfort Control

Want to control the temperature of each room in your house? One word: Zoning.

Parasitic Heat Loss? Learn how the design of a system limits its performance and efficiency.

Energy efficiency has always been one of the key reasons for building a home with radiant heat. Given the rapidly escalating cost of more

A new level of energy efficiency

Energy efficiency has always been one of the key reasons for building a home with radiant heat. Given the rapidly escalating cost of energy, the efficiency of radiant has never been more important. Here's how energy use differs between technologies.

Hardwood and Radiant Heating: A Brief History

Over the past few decades, it has become working knowledge than installing hardwood flooring over radiant heating is unwise. And as the radiant heating and flooring industries have grown and changed, this understanding has grown and changed as well. Here we take a look at the history of these industries and learn the origin of the issue. But we also look at the solution.