Getting Prefabulous with Author Sheri Koones

Mon, 02/04/2013 - 10:55

In her new book, Prefabulous + Almost Off the Grid: Your Path to Building an Energy-Independent Home, award winning author Sheri Koones demonstrates how prefabrication offers a simple path to the green home of your dreams. Profiling more than thirty of the most energy-efficient homes in the United States (several of which feature Warmboard radiant heating), this user-friendly guide reveals how homebuilders can achieve similar results with the help of floor plans, detailed resource lists, explanations of the latest technologies, and stunning photographs.

Prefabulous   Almost Off the Grid

Written in an easy-to-understand and approachable style, Prefabulous + Almost Off the Grid proves that building green doesn’t have to be more expensive, and in fact, can lead to dramatic savings. Author Sheri Koones walks readers through each home, explaining the materials, strategies, and systems used to create a sustainable living environment.

These almost-off-the-grid homes, which take energy from the grid when necessary and return any excess energy produced, are healthier, quieter inside, and far cheaper to operate. As energy costs continue to rise, energy independence is becoming increasingly essential, and as this book shows, the almost-off-the-grid home is a solution that is achievable for everyone.

Asked about her thoughts on Warmboard, Sheri remarked, “Warmboard is a great company with wonderful people. They’ve been very supportive of my work since my first book, “Prefabulous.” Warmboard’s radiant subfloor has unintentionally been featured in every one of my books. It is just a wonderful product and works well in prefab housing. During my research over the years, I can definitely say that homeowners using Warmboard are extremely happy with their decision to include it into their homes.

Learn more about Sheri’s work at the links below:

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About the Author
Sheri Koones is an award-winning author, an established authority on home construction, and a strong proponent of prefabrication. Sheri is the author of five books, including Abrams’ Prefabulous + Sustainable, a contributor to AOL Real Estate, and a freelance writer and speaker. She lives in Connecticut. Learn more at http://sherikoones.com

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