Warmboard Heating the Sunset Breezehouse

Tue, 07/30/2013 - 11:57

Warmboard is proud to have been involved with Sunset Magazine’s 2012 Idea House in Healdsburg, California. The Breezehouse is an efficient, sustainably designed modular residence designed and built by Blu Homes. The two-level structure sits on a steep slope that offers breathtaking views of the Sonoma wine country landscape.

Every year, Sunset Magazine, a well-known lifestyle magazine in the western states, has an Idea House – a home built or remodeled using the latest tech in green building and designed and furnished for fictional homeowners and their lifestyle. This Idea House was designed for is a 40-something couple with young twins and a French au pair. The au pair lives in the Breezehouse guesthouse, furnished with finds from around the world from Cost Plus World Imports.

The 3,000 square foot home features 5 bedrooms, 5 baths and the 480 square foot guesthouse. The recycled steel frame design minimizes waste, especially compared to lumber-framed homes. The envelope of the home is tight and features a rain screen, exterior insulation, and blown-in wall cavity insulation. A solar thermal system provides domestic hot water and powers the energy efficient Warmboard radiant floor heating system. The Breezehouse also features low-VOC paints, bamboo floors, low-flow water fixtures and many other eco products.

The 10 week build was done in Blu Homes 250,000 sq ft factory in Vallejo, CA which was formerly a submarine periscope factory. Everything was installed at the factory including windows, flooring, tile and cabinetry. The home consisted of three modules and the guesthouse that neatly folded up to a narrow width for streamlined transport. The home had less than 100 miles to travel before arriving at the site location in Healdsburg. The Blu Homes installation team unfolded the house and assembled it in just two days after which the interior was finished, painted and furnished.

Blu Homes constructs beautiful factory-built green homes suited for a wide range of buyers. Their revolutionary folding technology makes the homes more economical to ship and quicker to set up than other modern, prefab homes. And, Blu’s commitment to quality and to the highest green standards allow them to create remarkable homes that are designed with energy efficiency and environmental responsibility in mind. Project Architect Joseph Remick of Blu Homes has been a California registered architect since 2001 with extensive pre-fab experience.

When asked about his favorite new “ideas” explored with this project Joe states, “I'm really excited that we partnered with the California Solar Initiative to design and install a solar thermal system on the house. The system will help heat the home using Warmboard radiant and provide hot water for domestic use. We've installed solar photovoltaic panels on several of our homes to generate electricity, but this is the first time we have installed a solar thermal system to generate hot water. The system is made up of a collection panel located on the roof, pumps to circulate water through the panel, a large tank specifically designed for solar use, and another set of pumps to push the hot water through the Warmboard radiant floor heating system. The installation of the CSI system will be a big energy and cost saving feature of the Idea House.”

Maura McCarthy of Blu Homes had this to say about Warmboard being used in the Breezehouse, "We're really excited to work with Warmboard on this project. Warmboard has this lovely, luxury, hybrid kind of way of making the house warm up while keeping the temperature setting lower so that you're actually saving energy and making the house feel really wonderful.”

Warmboard Radiant Heat Installed in the Sunset Breezehouse

Warmboard Brand Manager Ross McCord said, “We knew without a doubt that Warmboard would be an ideal solution for Blu Homes and the Sunset Idea House. With Warmboard, the homeowners will be living in the most comfortably heated home while enjoying much lower monthly bills due to their reduced energy usage. And because our radiant panels double as a structural subfloor and heating source, they install easily into Blu’s factory setting with minimal hassle or impact on their design process.”

Warmboard and Blu Homes complement each other perfectly by offering homeowners elegantly designed products that are energy efficient, healthy, and mindful of environmental impacts. We are thrilled that Sunset’s Idea House used Warmboard to provide the utmost comfort in this inspired and efficiently designed project.

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