Warm up from the recent polar vortex

Tue, 01/14/2014 - 16:17

With the recent cold snap sweeping across the US and Canada there is no better time to think about heat, more specifically home heating. Heating utility bills are often accredited as a major concern for homeowners during the winter months, which is why many people are looking for the most efficient and best way to stay warm. A typical radiant heated home in the United States can expect a 25% energy savings compared to a conventional forced air home.

Radiant heating is the pinnacle of heating. Compared to forced hot air, radiant floor heating is more comfortable, more energy efficient, provides a healthier environment and is more aesthetically pleasing. There is no noise or dust from mechanical blowers, no hot air rising to overheat the ceiling and waste energy and no cold floors to chill your feet in the morning. Room temperatures are consistently comfortable throughout, and as your heating needs fluctuate throughout the day these systems can respond accordingly so that your space is always the perfect temperature. The mild warmth of a radiant floor is a subtle experience and always feels just right.
Warmboard is a hydronic radiant heating solution that makes your home supremely comfortable while lowering the operating cost. We do this through our patented design and industry-leading low mass, high conductivity panels. In fact, as you research radiant solutions for your home, keep in mind that ‘conductivity’ is the most important feature in any radiant system. It is a simple law of physics that as conductivity goes up, water temperature goes down. High conductivity means water temperatures in the system can be lowered, decreasing energy use and lowering monthly bills.

While there are many variables to consider, including climate and insulation of a home, in most instances, Warmboard can comfortably heat your home using water temperatures around 108 degrees Fahrenheit. Compared to other systems that use water in excess of 140 degrees, you can imagine a significant savings on your energy bill. Higher water temperatures also age system components faster. Lower water temps actually extend the life of these mechanical components. Lower water temperatures additionally allow Warmboard to seamlessly integrate with solar and geothermal systems, without the need for additional hardware.

Our industry leading conductivity allows for faster response to changing heat loads throughout the day, ensuring constant comfort. It also means more even floor temperatures and access to a wider variety of flooring options. Warmboard is 2-5x more conductive than any other form of radiant heat and there are many benefits to maximizing the conductivity of any radiant heating panel.

Regardless of what hour of the day it is, or how cold it is outside, Warmboard radiant heating will provide a homeowner with the comforting, warm feeling they desire after coming in from the frosty outdoors. There is nothing better than that.