Radiant Versatility With Warmboard

Mon, 07/22/2013 - 11:28

This is a quick look at the many different ways Warmboard and Warmboard-R can be used along with the key benefits our products provide. The pleasant warmth of Warmboard is a subtle experience. Never too hot, never too cold, always just right. Warmboard is the ultimate home heating solution.

• Warmboard Inc. offers two products that provide the greatest amount of comfort of any radiant system - Warmboard and Warmboard-R
• The Warmboard panel is also a structural subfloor panel and installs the same as standard subfloor
• Warmboard–R is ideal for slab or subfloor overlay remodels and can also be installed onto walls or ceilings
• Warmboard is the most responsive radiant system available, able to quickly adapt to changing heating needs
• Choose from a wider variety of flooring options, including hardwood, which can be nailed directly to the Warmboard panels
• Heat a home with lower water temperatures because of Warmboard's superior energy efficiency. This means lower monthly energy bills!
• Warmboard seamlessly integrates with ground source and solar hot water
Detailed plans and tubing designs provided with every project to ensure fast installation
• Lifetime warranty on both Warmboard and Warmboard-R panels
• Over 25 million square feet installed over the past 10 years











As you can see there are many applications for Warmboard and Warmboard-R depending on the project and the specifications. Warmboard works seamlessly in new construction, remodel or overlay, wall or ceiling installation, and even snowmelt applications.

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