50 Years of Progress

Wed, 04/10/2013 - 22:45

A Lot Has Changed In 50 Years...

For example, the archetype economy car in 1963 was the VW Beetle. An iconic automobile, but compared to the technology and features of today’s common car; say the Honda Civic, there’s not much comparison. The Honda has better acceleration, gas mileage, horsepower and safety features - not to mention leg room, stereo system, air conditioning; the list goes on. Adjusted for inflation, the difference in price between these automobiles is only $2,500 – just 15%.  

Similarly, much has changed in the radiant heating industry as well. Fifty years ago, gypsum concrete was the standard. A fine technology for its time but severely outdated when compared to Warmboard. Just as we can compare differences in performance between cars, we can compare BTU output, energy efficiency and differences in conductivity between both radiant products. Like the car comparison, Warmboard costs about 15% more than gypsum concrete installed, but brings with it a slew of performance enhancements that gypsum concrete just can’t match.


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