Hardwood and Warmboard Radiant Heating

Mon, 02/11/2013 - 11:36

describe the imageWarmboard and Warmboard–R are particularly well suited for installation with hardwood  for many reasons. The application of solid hardwood floors installed over our radiant heated floor is approved by many hardwood manufacturers and trade organizations alike.

Our products provide a substantial nailing platform with plenty of area and thickness to directly fasten hardwood to, per the National Wood Flooring Association recommendation.

Because aluminum covers the entire surface of each Warmboard panel, and because aluminum is an excellent vapor barrier, no additional covering of any sort is needed. This leaves the tubing visible to the hardwood installer so it's easy to nail into without hitting any tubing, greatly easing the hardwood installation process.

Warmboard radiant heat panels use the thickest and most conductive aluminum in the industry, resulting in the lowest operating water temperatures and a much more even floor temperature. These are both important factors to consider when deciding to use hardwood and a radiant heating system.installing hardwood

And because the wood in our panels have similar moisture content to the hardwood itself, it does not alter the moisture content of the hardwood planks as moisture laden slab systems frequently do. This helps minimize the natural movement of a wood floor.

For installing traditional strip and plank hardwood over Warmboard we recommend 3 different installation options:
• Nail hardwood directly to Warmboard
• Nail and glue hardwood directly to Warmboard
• Glue hardwood directly to Warmboard (no fasteners)

For the installation of engineered, laminate and bamboo flooring over Warmboard we recommend 4 different installation options:
• Floating floor method
• Nail the planks directly to Warmboard
• Nail and glue planks directly to Warmboard
• Glue planks directly to Warmboard (no fasteners required)

describe the imageIt is important that the specifications and recommendations of the wood floor manufacturer are followed. Also follow all installation specifications and guidelines documented by the National Wood Flooring Association.

Warmboard installed with hardwood floors is a proven successful technology. Both radiant heating and hardwood floors are very desirable in today’s market, which is why they can often increase the value of a home while the homeowners enjoy their comfort, efficiency, esthetics and beauty.

Warmboard and Warmboard–R are compatible with virtually all floor coverings. Check out the details here.


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