Solar Thermal and Warmboard

Mon, 06/17/2013 - 15:37

As homeowners strive to reduce energy bills and decrease the carbon footprint associated with their properties, a number of technologies and materials are becoming popular with consumers. One of these is Solar Thermal.

Water heating with conventional fuels (natural gas, electricity, or oil) can account for 25% or more of your total household energy consumption in a typical North American home. Solar thermal provides clean, sustainable, cost-effective alternative energy for uses such as radiant home heating, domestic hot water, and pool heating.

How does it work?

Solar thermal water heating systems use solar panels that are fitted to the roof. The light energy from the sun is collected and used to heat up water which is stored in a solar storage tank.

There are two types of solar water heating panels:
   •    evacuated tubes
   •    flat plate collectors

The best panel type to use depends on the individual project and specific variables such as climate, budget, and the type of system designed.

Why does it work so well with Warmboard?

Warmboard's energy efficient design easily allows you to heat your home using solar thermal. A Warmboard radiant heating system operates at the lowest water temperatures in the industry which means a simple interface with solar alternative energy sources.

While there are many variables to consider, including climate and insulation of a home, in most instances, Warmboard can comfortably heat your home using water temperatures around 108 degrees Fahrenheit. Compared to other systems that use water in excess of 140 degrees, you can imagine a significant savings on your energy bill. Higher water temperatures also age system components faster. Lower water temps actually extend the life of these mechanical components.

The secret behind our low water temperatures is conductivity. Warmboard has been optimized for maximum conductivity, which means maximum heat delivered from each drop of heated water. In fact, Warmboard is 2-5x more conductive than any other form of radiant heat.

Increasing conductivity results not only in low water temperatures, but also makes the floor temperatures more even and more comfortable, makes for a more responsive system that can quickly adjust its output to changing heat loads, and gives tremendous freedom of floor covering choices. Read more about the importance of conductivity related to radiant heating here.

Warmboard is the ideal heating panel to interface with a solar thermal system which is renewable and clean. Warmboard is a proven product, with over 25 million square feet of panels installed and operational, that has set the highest standards in the industry for efficiency, comfort and response time. Check out some of the inspiring projects that have used Warmboard here.


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