Commitment to Green

Tue, 09/18/2012 - 11:19

Warmboard Radiant Heat Commitment to GreenNever before has a modern society placed such an exacting priority on environmentally responsible living. Across all facets of life, “Being Green” has taken center stage. In our own lives we respond with an increased focus on using less energy and relying on fewer natural resources.

In one sector of the economy where this is very apparent is the building industry. As the nation recovers from the economic catastrophe which began with the implosion of the housing market, architects and builders have decided to place a high priority on sustainability as an integral component in the recovery of the market. Homeowners have responded in kind, realizing that building or remodeling with smart energy products not only makes sense on an environmental level, but on a financial level as well – with enhancements adding value to the home while lowering monthly operating costs.

Environmental responsibility has been a part of the culture at Warmboard, Inc. since day one, and our products reflect that. Those who choose Warmboard not only see a substantial reduction in energy usage, they experience a higher level of comfort and financial savings on their energy bills.

Our Warmboard and Warmboard–R radiant heating panels are built with sturdy wood farmed in both Oregon and Canada using sustainable forestry practices. And building with lumber is far more responsible than using concrete, cement or steel – all of which have a much harsher impact on the planet. The thick 1060 aluminum alloy coating consists of at least 20% recycled content. This aluminum is adhered to the wooden surface using non-toxic chemicals and cleaners. Finally, our panels are manufactured right here in the USA, ensuring we have more control over the manufacturing process while lessening the amount of shipping required.

The patented design of our panels allows you heat your home using lower water temperatures; 10–30º lower than other radiant solutions. This means less energy used and lower energy bills. It also means Warmboard is the ideal solution for solar and geothermal systems which have limited abilities to heat water without additional hardware. Warmboard’s fast-response allows homes to respond more quickly to changing heatloads throughout the day. High mass systems require much hotter water and several hours to heat up. Understandably, should the weather warm unexpectedly, high mass systems will not cool down in a timely manner.

All these benefits mean a Warmboard project can earn up to 15 LEED points – 11 through Energy and Atmosphere, 4 from Indoor Air Quality.

We encourage you to explore our website and learn more about Warmboard and radiant heating. It is one of the best ways to not only increase the value of your home, but to experience pure comfort in a way that benefits everyone.


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