Radiant Heat - Helping You Create a Warm and Simplified Interior Design

Tue, 03/12/2013 - 09:40

by Shanon Sterrett, Carlisle Wide Plank Floors

When you are designing a home today what are some ways you can simplify the design? For starters, build a smarter, more functional home.

Our homes are "cluttered" enough with all the necessities for life, we can find ways to reduce the clutter by careful selections of our interior design components. Many people may not think that their heating system is considered an interior design component - after all, it is just something that sits in the mechanical room in the basement. Think again.

Three reasons your heating system will be a determining factor in the final design of your home:

  1. Will make your space appear more cluttered.
    Imagine a beautifully designed room with a large metal radiator on every other wall.

    Or metal baseboard running the length of your wall with pipes coming up out of the floor.

    Now imagine clean lines, open spaces, and architectural details coming to life.

    Which do you prefer?

    With baseboard heating components and radiators you would be creating a more cluttered feel to your beautiful new rooms, taking up precious wall space, limiting furniture placement and ultimately, providing less comfort.
  2. Limit the architectural details and decorating you can use throughout a room.

    Planning to use some beautiful baseboard or crown molding? Want to install 8' tall architectural windows to take in that beautiful view? Don't break up the design schematic by having a large metal heating unit against your wall. In-floor radiant heat means no tubes, no pipes, no big metal pieces running along the length of your walls. Instead, get a clean open space with lots of wall space for decorating, and architectural details that add value to your home.
  3. Negative effect the functionality of that space.

    Playroom? Bathroom? Bedroom? If you have a radiator or baseboard you will limit furniture placement, affecting the overall functionality of the space for play dates, organization or just simple aesthetics.

    With in-floor radiant heat, like Warmboard, you can forget about these worries and just focus on smart, efficient, timeless design. Everyone from home improvement icon, Bob Vila, to designer, Jamie Goldberg, to Architect Frank Lloyd Wright agree that in-floor radiant heat is a good investment and a better design component for home. As Dan Holohan writes for Old House Journal online, in his article "A look at Radiant Heat Systems", in-floor radiant heat systems have come a long way in 50 years, and it "constantly delights you with its economic performance and reliable comfort". It also provides a clean, quiet and simplified design – a perfect fit to the home building trends of 2013.

    Can’t get rid of your radiators? Don’t fret.

    Home improvement is just as popular as building new. While this might mean accepting some of the architectural components of your home, you can still install in-floor radiant heat even if your other heating components may not be removed right away.

    And there are companies that specialize in decorative radiator covers to make them a bit more appealing.

    Check out Fichman for more information or Overboards.

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Contributed by Shanon Sterrett of Carlisle Wide Plank Floors
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