QuikTrak vs. Warmboard-R radiant heating

Thu, 12/13/2012 - 09:39

Panel to panel comparison, Warmboard-R costs less than $1 per square foot more than QuikTrak. Now, let's compare a little bit deeper.{C}

QuikTrak has 7" inch tubing spacing compared WB-R vs QuikTrakto Warmboard's 12" spacing. So right off that bat, you need to almost double the amount of tubing and manifolds. The "savings" is already gone.

For a 3000 square foot house, you need 375 panels of Warmboard-R, compared to 1,287 QuikTrak panels. 4500 screws for Warmboard-R vs 12,870 screws for QuikTrak.

Warmboard-R can fasten directly to the slab while you'll need to purchase additional 5/8" plywood to fasten QuikTrak to. And unlike QuikTrak, any type of flooring can be attached directly to Warmboard-R.

All these add up to a huge savings in additionalWB-R vs QuikTrak2 parts, materials and labor - you can see the details here. And we haven't even begun to consider the differences in performance. Warmboard will respond faster to heating needs, provide more even heat, and can adequately heat your home using 108º water, versus 135º (or more) with QuikTrak - making the operating costs lower too.

Have a look at this thermographic video that compares Warmboard and QuikTrak in a controlled performance test. 20 minutes after the test has begun, Warmboard has achieved a panel temperature of 70º F. Quiktrack reaches this temperature after 1 hour 20 minutes.

From installation through operation, Warmboard-R is less expensive and delivers the greatest level of comfort of any heating system.

Check out how easy Warmboard is to install here. Or look at inspiring projects where Warmboard was used.


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