Why Conductivity Is So Important

Mon, 03/04/2013 - 15:34

radiant diagramThe primary job of any radiant panel is to conduct heat from water in a tube to the surface of your floor, causing your home to be comfortably warm. It’s not a surprise that virtually all of the benefits of radiant heat are improved when radiant panels are more conductive.

Increasing conductivity:

• Lowers the water temperature needed in the tubing which saves energy

• Makes floor temperatures more even, and more comfortable

• Allows wider tubing spacing, reducing the cost of tubing, manifolds, controls and the labor to install all of these components while increasing system reliability

• A more responsive system that can quickly adjust its output to precisely match changing heat loads, ensuring constant "just right" interior temperatures

• Ensures your home will quickly come up to the desired temperature after vacation set back describe the image• Allows you to save energy by using the nighttime setback feature on your smart thermostat because your home will get back to the desired temperature rapidly in the morning

• Gives you tremendous freedom of floor covering choices including the use of luxurious wool rugs which are simply not viable options with other radiant panels with low conductivity

• Protects fine hardwood floors by warming them so evenly as to not cause internal stresses or aging

• Greater freedom to use ultra high-efficiency heat sources, such as condensing boilers and water heaters, solar thermal, photovoltaic, heat pumps, fuel cell cogeneration, etc...

• By lowering water temperatures, significantly extend the life expectancy and reliability of all components in your system

• Provides greater reserves of performance when outside temperatures fall to very low levels (Warmboard comfortably heats structures from Fairbanks, Alaska to a research station in Antarctica)

• Enables the price of a radiant system to be recuperated more quickly through significantly lower operating costshighmass fryingpan resized 600

Because of the paramount importance of conductivity, the first criterion in selecting a radiant panel is to ensure that you are getting all of the conductivity that you are paying for. Warmboard has been optimized for maximum conductivity, which means maximum heat delivered from each drop of heated water. Learn more about our products and services here.


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