Conductivity and Radiant Heat Infographic

Tue, 11/26/2013 - 16:52

We are excited to share a new infograph that illustrates the importance of conductivity and how it directly affects the performance of any radiant heating system. 

As you'll see Warmboard uses aluminum, which allows for faster responses to changing heat loads throughout the day, ensuring unrivaled comfort. It also means more even floor temperatures and access to a wider variety of flooring options.

High conductivity additionally means water temperatures in the system can be lowered, decreasing energy use and lowering monthly bills, while extending the life of mechanical equipment. Lower water temps also allow Warmboard to seamlessly integrate with solar and geothermal systems without the need for additional hardware or supplemental heating.

Have a look and see for yourself why conductivity is the most important feature in any radiant heat system. You can learn more about conductivity here.


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