Craft Beer & Radiant Heat

Fri, 12/27/2013 - 10:52

There’s been a renaissance happening across the US. But this one isn’t based in the arts or higher learning (per se) – it’s based on beer.  Over the past several years the American beer drinker has been awakened; no longer satisfied with tasteless beers from the few Macro-Breweries, an increasing amount of consumers want to taste something new, with fuller flavor and superior quality. Craft beers have become all the rage. And restaurateurs are re-energizing their patrons with new and distinct brews from across the US – from Dogfish Head in Delaware to Deschutes in Oregon.  One such establishment is the Prohibition Pig in Waterbury, Vermont. Offering fine smoked meats, sandwiches and starters, The Pig has something for everyone – including a fine selection of beer from around the US and the world. Local craft brews from in-state are available as are choice beers from Sierra Nevada, Lagunitas, Sixpoint, Hill Farmstead and Dogfish Head.  Prohibition Pig has one other distinction – comfort.  After 2011’s devastating hurricane Irene, the building needed some serious upgrades, and Warmboard was the ideal solution – able to provide comfortable, responsive heat while replacing the damaged subfloor.  Sean Gyllenborg, the General Contractor on the project, was open to using Warmboard, especially upon realizing that the cost of Warmboard was lower than anticipated once all the additional labor and parts were figured into the equation.  The redesigned space has two heat zones allowing the owners to control the temperature in each area separately. The result is a more energy efficient system and a more comfortable clientele.  Next time you are in or around Waterbury VT, be sure to stop in, say hello and grab a pint. And hopefully you’ll be so comfortable, you won’t even notice the Warmboard – you’ll only notice the savory flavors from the grill and the hops from the IPA.


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