Warmboard Radiant Heat Offers Complete Design Freedom

Tue, 10/08/2013 - 09:53

One of the most important things when designing homes or buildings is having the freedom to incorporate all the required design elements to achieve the objective. When faced with limitations and hurdles of the interior space this quest becomes much more difficult.

When designing with radiant heat, compared to forced air, architects begin with a blank canvas. There are no unsightly wall or floor vents. No baseboard registers. No wall radiators. No duct work. No limitations. Furniture can be placed anywhere and art and wall decorations can be hung freely, with no restrictions or confines. This is a huge benefit for designers because they can accomplish the interior design goals without having to make any concessions on piece placement.

Architects truly appreciate the simplicity of our products. Warmboard eliminates the non-standard framing details and structural issues associated with the weight and thickness of the out-dated radiant slab technique. Concessions do not have to be made when designing rooms with high, open ceilings and/or floor-to-ceiling windows. Warmboard can heat these spaces easily and efficiently without having to use any supplemental heat, even during the most severe cold snaps.

Homeowners gain design freedom with nearly limitless floor coverings. Beautiful wide plank hardwood? Luxurious, wool carpet? Polished marble? All of these finish flooring options install easily over Warmboard and work efficiently to heat the home, because of our powerful conductivity. High conductivity allows for more even floor temperatures distributed across the surface of the floor. This low, even heat means there is no risk of damaging or aging finish flooring unlike other radiant solutions.

Mechanical systems for Warmboard radiant heating can also be designed more freely because of the ability to easily interface with solar, geothermal and cogeneration fuel cells. Warmboard operates using the lowest water temperatures in the industry which works exceptionally with alternative forms of energy which have limitations on water temperature.

Warmboard radiant floor heating also has the ability to zone a home to the needs and preferences of the homeowner. A home can be designed with any number of zones, so common areas of the home (family room, kitchen, dining room) can be controlled with one thermostat whereas areas of the home that are used less frequently (bedrooms) can be zoned and controlled by separate thermostats. This makes the system extremely efficient by having the ability to precisely control where and when areas in the home are receiving heat, allowing less energy to be used.

When it comes to having absolute design freedom of a home comfort system, Warmboard hits the mark on many fronts. Warmboard simplifies the objectives of design professionals by providing an elegant radiant heat panel that is easy to work with and extremely efficient. Homeowners can choose any finished floor, zone the home for their individual preferences and needs, and power Warmboard efficiently using renewable energy sources.

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